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EmonaLocality Irakli-Emine has ancient and rich history. Historical information from VII-XIV. indicate that port Emona and lighthouse existed in maps and therefore have been known to the seafarers. The region around the medieval city Emona was very well-developed. One thing, however, that never changed is beautiful nature. This includes crystal sea water, golden and fine sand, dense and cool forest. The beach of locality Irakli, with a length of 3 kilometers is particularly attractive for nature lovers and camp mans , as well as for all who love survivor adventures. Irakli is situated about 10 kilometers from the town of Obzor and 3 kilometers from the village Emona. Since 1994 Irakli is protected area on which is located a nature reserve with the same name, the last refuge of the endangered plant and animal species, as well as the different types of mushrooms. At about 2 km from the village Emona is situated and Cape Emine, the most Eastern part of the Balkan Mountains.