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VarnaVarna is the biggest city in North Bulgaria, as well as along the Bulgarian coastal area of the Black Sea, occupying an area of 205 sq. m. and having population of about 350 thousand. It rates the second biggest in Bulgaria, after the capital city of Sofia and is an administrative center of Varna Municipality and Varna Region. It is often referred to as the “Sea Capital” of Bulgaria.
The city is located on the northern and western coasts of Varna bay and the north-eastern bank of Varna Lake. South of the strait, connecting bay and lake, are located Varna residential districts of Asparuhovo and Gala. In close proximity to the Bridge of Asparuh lie the remnants of an ancient fortification of Asparuh. The locality of Dzhanavara, where a basilica of the early Christian period was found, is also located within close reach. The Cape of Gala is an attractive geographical formation of steep rocks.
The industrial estate and the port are located on the northern coast. The central city area with its historical center called “The Greek Quarter” and the city beach lie in the north-eastern direction. Out of city an agglomeration has gradually emerged, heading towards “Euxinograde”, “St. st. Constantine and Elena” and in the direction of “Vinitsa” quarter.
The well-known “Vinitsa” quarter of Varna is located 10 km northeast from Varna. The forested area around the quarter is favored by the majority of citizens as a place for strolling and picnicking, whereas in the heart of Vinitsa quarter a number of hotels, rest-houses and food establishments have been erected. Some 3 km from Vinitsa, in the direction of Golden Sands resort, is Aladzha cloister.
The location of the city, along the northern coast of the Black Sea, as well as its natural resources, make it one of the most well-known European resort centers and the biggest in the Black Sea region. At the same time, the city is also a cross point of the route connecting Western Europe and the Middle East.
The climate and the natural resources provide encouraging opportunities for the development of industry, commerce, tourism and communications in the region.
Varna is an ideal place for any investor that might decide to develop business activities in the Balkan region.